CNEStack 3.0

CNEStack is a software solution for accelerating virtual switches. It’s derived from CloudNetEngine vSwitch release by modulizing the key techniques thus can be applied to other virtual switches, and it provides the best performance offloading solution in the industry.


CNEStack has a flexible architecture to build various functionalities, and it can be easily and seamlessly integrated with upstream OVS-DPDK.

Offloading Key Features

Hardware Software Adaptive VLAN/QinQ

Hardware Software Adaptive L4 CKSUM

Hardware Software Adaptive L4 CKSUM Over Tunnel

Hardware Software Adaptive TSO

Hardware Software Adaptive TSO Over Tunnel

Hardware Software Adaptive Tunnel Outer UDP Checksum

Software LRO

Software UFO

Software UFO over tunnel

Performance Comparison

The performance comparison is done by open source CNE-OVS-SIT, and OVS-DPDK source code is base on recent 2.16 branch. VXLAN virtual network Iperf performance is evaluated on two hosts connected by Intel XL710 40G links.


Upstream OVS-DPDK is long criticized for lack of overlay offload capabilities, userspace-tso-enable must be False for VXLAN deployment.



Welcome to evaluate CNEStack 3.0, please refer to CNEStack 3.0 Evaluation Guide.